3 Beauty Lessons from Grandma

The other night, I was getting ready for bed and thoughts of my grandmother crossed my mind. She died back in November 2012 and was truly a beautiful woman. As I was washing off my makeup,  I begin to reflect on her beauty secrets. So, after some thought, I remember 3 beauty lessons from Grandma that I still apply today.

Beauty Lesson 1. Less Makeup is More

I remember that my grandmother never wore much makeup. She usually saved her makeup for church services and very important appointments. But, when she did wear it, she had 3 staples: foundation, blush and lipstick. That’s it. Today a lot of us put on a lot more makeup than that! What I have noticed in my own life, is that I have 4 staples to my makeup routine: Foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, and a lip gloss. For special occasions, I will put on more, but I believe I learned from my grandmother that makeup is to enhance what is already there; not to create a completely new you. Hopefully I can pass this truth on to my daughter.

Beauty Lesson 2. Moisturize

My grandmother used this really thick face cream. In retrospect, it was probably too thick for your face, but the point was you can keep great skin if you moisturize it. Until her health started to deteriorate, my grandmother’s skin was even toned, tight and well moisturized. She always had a glow. Now of course some of those traits can be inherited, but moisturizing can go a long way to keeping your skin happy and healthy! The SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel is an excellent moisturizer to try if you don’t currently moisturize or are looking to change.

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Beauty Lesson 3. Watch the Vices

Smoking, excessive drinking and drug use are not only bad for your health, but are bad for your beauty! As long as I can remember, my grandmother didn’t do any of these. The fact that she watched her “vices” helped keep her beautiful and I am sure had some part in her living until she was 92! I have never done drugs, never smoked and stopped the excessive drinking in my early 20’s 🙂 . I can only hope that will help me to be as beautiful and live as long as she did!


Beauty Lessons from Grandma

Do you remember any of the beauty lessons your mother or grandmother taught you? If so, please share! I would love to hear them!





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